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Professional Boat Detailing & Restorations

Steam Cleaning, Extractions & Mildew Removal 
Oxidation Removal, Wet Sanding, Buffing, Polishing, Waxing & More!

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Boat Detailing

Boat Full Interior Detailing

Interior Detail

& Restoration

We pull out all the stops to get the interior of your boat as clean as possible! from the underside carpets and surfaces to the vinyl seats and storage. We spend the time to restore each area to like new condition!


  • Vacuum/ Carpet Shampoo and Conditioning

  • Vinyl Seat Cleaning and Leather Treatment

  • Entire Interior Cleaning, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Cabinets, Storage Areas and all Surfaces

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Stain Extraction

  • Top Side Hand Wax 

$20 Per Ft.

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Vinyl Restoration &
Mold/Mildew Removal

The infamous "Black Dots" are the hardest thing to deal with on boat vinyl. A problem plaguing boats new and old, We worked hard to develop a solution to a problem no product on the market seemed to be able to handle.

Our proprietary process will remove years of mildew buildup within the vinyl seats! We also use steam and the highest quality vinyl conditioners to not only remove mildew and stains but re-condition and protect the seats! Restores vinyl to a smooth brilliant shine for that "showroom" look!

$20 Per Ft.

Full Boat Detailing

Detailing & Hull Cleaning


We use water and steam to wash away years of dirt and grime from the exterior of the boat. Hand brushed from nose to tail with the best boat cleaning products available, Microfiber dried with a ceramic sealant to protect and provide a lasting shine! 

We also remove the yellow scum line buildup from the hull and finish off with a fresh hand application of marine grade wax from the rub rail down

  • Exterior Wash & Shine

  • Hull Cleaning (scum line removal)

  • Rub Rail Down Waxing

Machine Polishing and Waxing Step Available, $15-20 per Ft Details Below 


$20 Per Ft.

Vinyl Restoration Before
Vinyl Restoration After
Stain Extraction Before
Stain Extraction After
Interior Restoration
Interior Restoration
The Works Full Detail
After Reconditioning
Mildew Removal Before
Mildew Removal After
Split Panel Mold
Mildew Before
Mildew After
Full Boat Detail
Boat Detail Before
Boat Detail After
Boat Interior Detail Before
Boat Interior Detail After
Boat Mildew Removal Before
Boat Mildew Removal After
Boat Full Detail Before
Boat Full Detail After
Boat Full Detail After
Boat Detail Steam Treatment
Boat Full Detail Before
Boat Full Detail After
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Oxidation Removal
& Restorations

wet sanding.jpg

Wet Sanding

For heavily oxidized boats. 

We use professional grade wet sanding designed for marine use to remove the top layer of oxidation and corrosion 

This is the first step in the restoration of a heavily oxidized boat and excessive "chalk"

Per Step

(Normally 1 Step)

$10/Ft Rub Rail Down

$10/Ft Topside Only


*Must be followed up by both compound buffing then finished with polishing then a high grade wax


This process is for those looking for a full restoration of the gel coat and removal of heavy oxidation and problem spots. Great for old boats and those exposed to long periods of sunlight. If the gel coat has a "rough" feeling or is excessively chalky it will most likely need to be wet sanded for a proper correction.

$10 Per Ft.

wool pad buffing.jpg

Buffing & Cutting Compounding

For light to medium oxidation correction. We use a professional grade cutting compound to remove oxidation and help repair the gel coat.


depending on oxidation level and gel coat condition we work our way down in compound strength until the oxidation is removed and the boat is ready for polishing and waxing


Per Step

(Normally 1-3 Step)

$10/Ft Topside Only

$10/Ft Rub Rail Down


Possible Steps 

Super Heavy Cut Compound

Heavy Cut Compound

Medium Cut Compound

One Step Compound


$10 Per Ft.

Boat polish.jpg

Machine Polishing & Waxing

The final steps for oxidation removal and best treatment for your boat to look its best! 

We polish and power lock the gel coat to prevent future oxidation and seal the surface pores. removes "holograms" from the surface and give it that flawless shine! 

We then finish off with a premium marine grade wax applied by polisher to further protect the gel coat and provide a deep long lasting shine!

Per Step

(Normally 1 Step)

$15/Ft Rub Rail Down

$20/Ft Topside Only

Great for anyone looking to make their boat truly shine!

$15-20 Per Ft.

Unmatched Service.

Unbelievable Results.

Our Mildew Removal History

New Wave has always strived to be the best in the business. When we started this company we swore to always do things the right way. Never cut corners. And always provide reliable, transparent services that our customers can count on. Since then we have made strives to perfect our craft and implement our truly proprietary processes to change the way a boat can be cleaned! 


Our background is in large volume interior repairs at auto auction across the nation, which also included mold remediation. Now and then we would get a boat to work on from one of the banks we worked with. We noticed a problem. In the vinyl there were these black dots. That NOTHING seemed to work on. We used steam, We used cleaners, we used heat and nothing, I mean nothing made this stuff budge! So we formulated a plan. Classify the problem, and design a way to remove it.

The two principal causes of these stains and growths are bacteria and fungi, commonly called microorganisms. Bacteria are simple, single-celled organisms. Fungi, referred to as mold and mildew, are significantly more complex. A subset these fungal organisms is a type that produces colored byproducts as part of its digestive process. These byproducts are recognized as stains and are typically pink, yellow, purple or black. 


This is a particularly resilient type of MILDEW that grows when specific fungi are exposed to large volumes of moisture on a porous surface. It can even grow "tails" deep into the seat pours making it even harder to remove plus it travels in dirt and grime and can easily spread when introduced to water. Once its in a boat, it will spread until it is removed.

Before us, The seat material would need to be replaced!

After discovering this we went to work. We synthesized a solution that specifically targets this fungi, penetrates and removes it without harming the material! Once removed we re-hydrate the vinyl, deep within the pours, using steam to help the process. We then recondition the material to give you results that will blow you away! Truly mildew free vinyl, Re-hydrated back to a showroom shine!

Since then we have brought this process to retail customers everywhere! We left the auctions behind to peruse our true passion, working on boats! The water is where we want to be and we will work hard to stay!

Boat Detailing in Missouri, St. Charles, St. Peters, Cottleville, Ofallon, St. Louis, Ballwin, Clayton, Wentzville Troy, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Ozarks and more

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