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Unmatched Service Unbelievable Results

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Professional Detailing


Boat Mildew Removal

No product on the market works quite like ours!


We save our customers thousands in Re-upholstery costs.

Those black dots and blobs look unsightly and are a problem that no product on the market seemed to work on. Before us the affected material would need to be replaced!

We identified this problem as not just dirt buildup but a specific type of mildew and built a process that targets this problem specifically and removes it without the use of harsh chemicals that harm the material.

Our proprietary process will remove years of mildew buildup within the vinyl seats. After this we use steam and the highest quality vinyl conditioners to not only remove mildew and stains but re-condition and protect for the best results possible!




New Wave Car Care

Full Service Detailing

& Interior Restorations

At New Wave Car Care We service every make and model available!

 From Tesla to Toyota, Ford to Ferrari. We treat every vehicle with uncompromised care and have the experience in the industry so you can be confident your vehicle is in the hands of trained professionals.

With the highest quality products and the most innovative and thorough service possible we aim to re-write the standards our customers expect from the industry

We take pride in the work we do and make a real effort to go above and beyond for our customers. Covering deep stains and extractions, treatments, re-coloring and reconditioning. We do more.

That's why we don't just detail vehicles, we restore them! Detailing is just a small part of the service we provide.

Not Just a detail, a restoration!

Unmatched Service, Unbelievable Results.



Every vehicle is different and so are the problems that affect them. We go above and beyond to create a custom solution to your specific mold problem.


Custom Process-Amazing Results

Our process starts with a custom multi-step treatment plan designed specifically for each remediation. We locate and Identify the type of mold afflicting the vehicle then sanitize and safely remove the mold spores. We then prevent new growth by locating and addressing the moisture sources.

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